17 Again and Hannah Montana

Monday, June 22, 2009 3 comments
salam guyz...apa khabar..??rindunya Zul kat readers sumer..huhu..bz sket sejak dua menjak neyh..Zul bawu abis participate kt Congress of Fundamental Science kat campus Zul..skg bwu nk jejak kaki kt bumi..melampau betul perumpamaan..hehehe..nk jadi citer, lepas je abis oral presentation time Congress tuh(yang ntah haper2 aku mencarot2 kat depan diorg), Zul, Lucy and Bob g tgok citer 17 Again kat TGV Cheras Selatan..

citer die best..best la jugak..kalo leh wat Zul ketawa sampai melompat2 tuh(seyes, Zul melompat2 ketawa) kire ok la...citer die cute sebenarnye..as usual, citer ni sama mcm citer romantic comedy y lain..Zac Efron mmg cute dlm citer ni..Zul ni bukannya minat sgt ngn die. tp dlm film neyh, Zul agak suke bawaan watak die...citer ni bukan ketawa2 je tau, ade gak part2 y leh membuatkan anda mengalirkan titis jernih dr kelopak mata anda...xrugi la kalo readers sumer tgok citer neyh..(^_^)

haa, movie ni Zul tgok kt GSC Alamanda ngn Bob, Lucy and Ally, mlm jumaat lepas. Zul sbnarnye xnak g atas sbb tertentu, tp Bob y insist sgt, so Zul pown g la..neway, thank you so much to Lucy and Bob...(^_^)

ok, citer ni pown sebenarnye not bad.. Zul ni xminat langsung ngn Miss Miley Cyrus, apatah lg ngn citer Hannah Montana die neyh..tp movie ni xdela mengecewakan..comel and funny..(suker part Miley and Tyra bergaduh berebut heels). Zul suker lagu The Climb since Zul dgr lagu ni kat Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 awal tahun ni..masa tu lagu ni dpt no 37..Zul igt lg, waktu tu Zul mcm agak impress ngn Miley y slama ni Zul choop sbg penyanyi lagu kanak2 riang..gituhh..tp so far, ok la citer neyh..best jugak kalo korang sumer nk hang out ngn kengkawan smbil tgok citer neyh..(^_^)

The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying
"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking

I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah
Just gotta keep going

'As long as you love, you will still have hope.'

Sunday, June 14, 2009 7 comments

salam guyz....

hiye, rini wireless kt umah xbaper clear la...die mcm ting tong sket...huhu...

haa, utk entry kali ni, Zul bukan nk reveal my new relationship or wut..yerp, still not ready to fall in love again...kali ni Zul nk citer pasal movie yang Zul tengok wat kali ke 3 or 4 ntah..xingat..tapi still berjaya membuat mata ku ini merah2 dan berair(ello, bukan cataract ok..). rasanya most of u guyz pernah tengok kan citer ni...Zul ingat lg Zul tengok citer ni masa Zul kt Wangsa Maju (before Zul pindah masuk dlm kampus blk). dlm awal tahun lepas camtu lah..Zul dpt tau citer ni pown dr kawan sechatting Zul dr Bangkok, die y rekemen kan..Zul pown download la..xrugi download..

yang best nye pasal citer ni, die byk quotes y mmg mendebarkan jantung, and membuatkan Zul mula nk menulis blog Zul ni, instead of siapkan presentation utk Rabu neyh...antara quotes y melekat dlm kepala Zul dr 1st time Zul tengok movie ni adelah this one..

"If we can love someone so much, how will we be able to handle it one day when we are separated? And if being separated is a part of life, and you know about separation well, is it possible that we can love someone and never be afraid of losing them? Or is it possible that we can live our entire life without loving at all?"

ungkapan ini disuarakan oleh Mew kepada Tong masa Tong tanya kt die, sama ada die sepi ke x dok berseorangan...everytime sampai part ni, Zul dh ready ngn tissue..yeah yeah yeah, u can call me wuteva u want, i admit i cried several times at this scene..huhu..because the question that Mew brought to us, is so...u noe, for while it kinda hard to answer..huhu

"What if I choose one and you don't like it again?"

this one also menyentuh perasaan..ungkapan ini disuarakan oleh Tong kepada Mak die masa die suh die tolong hang the ornaments to decorate the christmas tree..Tong tanya pasal 2 patung, a doll and a santa claus..kinda symbolic ngn ape y dh berlaku..sbb mak die tau pasal kisah die ngn Mew..and mak die g confront si Mew tuh...

"I have been thinking. How will you make it from now on? But I believe so much that you can make it without me, because you have so much love for one another. Even though, sometimes, it seems to be too much that we end up hurting each other. But I believe as time goes by, we should agree that there is no such thing as 'too much love'. Even if we made mistakes along the way, it's better than never having tried to love and be loved. Wouldn't you agree? Life always gives us opportunities to start over after we learn from our mistakes. I hope you take these opportunities and take good care of one another. Thank you for everything. I hope there's a chance that we will see each other again."

and ni surat dari June kpd Sunee, mak Tong. dikala June menyatakan y die maybe xakan berjumpa dgn family diorang ni lg dh..this part oso wat Zul nervous...yerp, sbb lakonan Sunee mmg menjadi..bila tgok expression die masa baca surat ni..(actually surat ni dlm bentuk pieces, sbb June wat mcm ala2 treasure hunt, u got o find it part by part). surat ni penuh maksud and mengajak kiter pikir balik tentang apa y kite ade, instead of ape y kite ingin ade..love wut we had in our arms..dun take it for granted, coz u might not know what we had maybe wouldn't last forever with us...

"I can't be your boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I don't love you."

this is Tong's line, to Mew..masa Tong jumpa Mew kt blakang stage (nak kasi christmas present) masa diorg dh abis perform..part neyh bg Zul part y paling sedeyh..it's like,he noe the fact that they couldn't be togather, be he still gonna love Mew..and after that, they start wishing good luck to each other...huhuhu

"Thank you."

the last line from that movie..diungkapkan oleh Mew didalam biliknya, setelah pulang dr show..die lengkapkan the doll y diberi oleh Tong masa die kecik dulu, and the last part y die dpt dr Tong lps die perform td (which is the nose of the doll). it's like he wish it to Tong for willingly love him..and then he cried..part neyh mmg laku tissue Premier kat umah Zul..ngehehe...

If I said that this song is made for you, would you believe it?
It’s probably not melodious, not affectionate, not beautiful like other songs.
I want you to know that if there’s no love, you can’t write a love song.
But for you, my dear, do you know? I wrote it easily.

You’ve probably heard hundreds and thousands of love songs
that’s probably impressive
but with a similar meaning altogether, but if you listen to this song,
a song that’s written simply for you.
For you to understand the meaning of it, our hearts will then have a connection.

Let it be a song on our pathways that consist only voices of you and me.
Together as long as possible.
As the meaning is told in a poetry that as long as there’s love naturally there’s hope.
Means whenever your love shines through the heart, I have a goal.

There is a lot of facts found in love,
and in the past I used the time for the sake of finding the meaning.
But soon, I’d just know it, whenever you are near me,
That if life’s a rhythm, you are as good as the words that is melodious and touching to the heart.

Let it be a song on our pathways that consist only voices of you and me.
Together as long as possible.
As the meaning is told in a poetry that as long as there’s love naturally there’s hope.
Means whenever your love shines through the heart, I have a goal.

There’s a pathway for us to walk side by side and there are voices of you and me.
There’s a pathway for us to walk side by side and there are voices of you and me

(ni lirik lagu dr antara soundtrack filem ni...)

movie ni sangat cantik..cara storyline die digarap, the non-verbal scene die..cinematography die pown sgt tulus..script y sgt menyentuh jiwa..sumtime it makes me forget that this is just a movie..coz it look so real..surreal i must say..huhu..so guyz, enjoy watching this movie, kpd saper y nk start download la..abis kang, comment la kt entry ni..we could share ideas and opinions about this movie..(^_^)

Take A Bow..Leona Lewis

Thursday, June 11, 2009 1 comments

The flowers are all faded now
Along with your letters
They will never
see the light of day
Cause I'll never take them out
And there's no turning back
it's for the better
Baby I deserve
more than empty words and promises

I believed every thing you said
And I gave you the best I had

So take a bow
Cause you've taken everything else
You played the part
and like a star you played it so well
Take a bow
Cause this scene is coming to an end
I gave you love
All you gave me was pretend
so now
Take a bow

The future's about to change
Before you know it
the curtain closes
Take a look around
There's no one in the crowd
I'm throwing away the pain
And you should know that
your performance
it made me stronger now

Well it must have been sleight hand
Cause I still can't understand
how I could never see
Just what a fool believed
but the lies they start to show
tell me how it feels to know right now
that I wont be around
so baby before I put you out

spending time at home...

Monday, June 8, 2009 3 comments
salam guyz..apa cer sumer..?sehat noh...Zul harap sumer sihat la yeah..(^_^)

ok, arini Zul still di Alor Star..and dlm entry ni pown Zul nk citer pasal kehidupan Zul di sini sepanjang Zul cuti ni..ngehehe...

as usual, Zul ni bile blk, Zul mls nk kuar kemana2 sgt..lebih suke terperap dlm umah smbil layan movies or tv shows...Zul hanya akan kuar bile kawan ajak..tue pown xsumer kawan y tau Zul balik..certain je..certain y Zul senang spend time bersama...

adik Zul, Faiz dh abis study..ramai y xtau y Zul ade adik..haa, Zul ade sorang adik y paling Zul sayang..yela, die sorang je adik y Zul ade...Faizuddin nama die..Faiz for short..die muda dr Zul 4 years as i am oso 4 years younger than my elder brother..so jarak antara kami sumer, 4 years la..huhu..so, Faiz pown tgh cuti, so skg Zul dok melepak ngn die la kt umah..Zul ni mmg suke kaco die..dh besa panjang ni kami, tp perangai still mcm budak2..hahaha..Zul sllu g bertandang ke bilik die, n pastu mula la aksi kaco-mengaco..time die dok tgok tv dlm bilik die la esp..Zul geletek lah, gomol lah..manja2 la..huhu..mmg cam budak2..Faiz pown mmg jenis manja, esp ngn Zul la, sbb Zul ni jenis suke manja n melayan die..kadang2 kami ckp pelat budak2 kecik..sesama kami la..manja2 ngn mama dua orang kami..kadang sampai naik rimas mama..hahaha..bile blk umah ni la xtvt Zul..huhuhu...

sambil tue Zul juge sempat memenuhi undangan kenduri..ari sabtu and ahad ritu mmg penuh ngn kenduri..esp, ahad semalam..dalam 6 kenduri..Zul target nk g y 1st tue je ngn papa, pastu papa dragged kami berdua g lagi 2 buah umah afta dat..xmakan dh la..juz minum2..lps Zuhur, Zul g umah kenduri kat umah depan taman perumahan Zul ni..kat sana makan satay bagai la..(makan lagi). pastu blk rest jp sblum papa bwk ke lg 1 umah kt Golf Club Bandar Darulaman, Jitra..pastu blk rest n Asar..n then, kitorang kuar g beli kain utk baju melayu Hari Raya nanti..Zul agak surprise ngn pilihan warna Zul tahun ni, warna y mmg xpenah ade dlm wardrobe Zul..huhu..tunggu le..tp, si Faiz ni cari kain mmg lama...die ni mmg particular sket..kalo dh xberkenan, jgn la dok pujuk..xlaku punya..lama2 jumpa la jugak y berkenan di hati dia..huhu..tue pown penat pusing satu kedai..

after that, kitorang trus antar ke tailor...tailor ni mmg wat baju kitorang sejak kitorang kecik lagi...kali ni Zul suh die amik measurement bawu, xmo pkai measurement tahun lepas..sbb Zul rasa Zul dh naek skit badan nih..Faiz esp, perut die dh start buncit..penat Zul gelak kan die masa ukur tuh..sbb nampak perut die y dh boncit...dulu die mmg terkenal ngn kekurusan die..mmg kurus..lepas Zul y kurus dulu naek berat badan, die lak take over tahta kekurusan itu..sampai die lak naek berat badan..hahaha..

aksi ketika Zul mengaco Faiz die'measured' oleh tailor itu..hahaha
Faizudiin ku..huhuhu

pagi tadi Zul kuar ngn kawan Zul g bekpas kt Spring Leaf..tetiba terasa nk minum vanilla latte kekdahnye..Zul ni dlm hasrat nk berdiet blk sbb berat Zul naek terlebih dr sasaran..Zul target nak naikkan 3 kilo, die naek sampai 5 kilo..so, kne watch out things that goin inside my stomach thru my mouth la..si kawan Zul ni hentam g order vege waffle..pastu cutting half utk Zul..nak xnak, tolan la jugak..nasib baek sedap..huhu..pecah lg diet Zul utk kesekian kali nya...huhu...

masa Zul tggu kawan Zul g bayar bill phoneline kat Celcom centre..ngehehe..

my vanilla latte...

ni la vege waffle ngn breakfast juice...(^_^)

sepatutnya Zul ade kenduri lg jap g, tp Zul mlas nk g sbb xde kawan nk teman...segan la plak g sorang2...Zul xkenal sgt pown pengantin tu, senior Zul kt skolah dlu..tp adik die tuh junior Zul kt skolah, n mmg Zul kenal..die le y invite datang. kekdahnye, die dlu sllu mintak pendapat Zul pasal study, dr die form 5, matrix n now dh nak masuk final year kt UPM jgk..gegeh die meh umah Zul anto kad..takut Zul lupa umah die..huhuhu...

k la guyz, next time Zul post lagi latest entry...on wut topi not sure yet..huhuhu..btw, see ya later k..buhbye..(^_^)

Branden and Fareez...!!

Friday, June 5, 2009 1 comments

Jonathan, Sandhurst and Branden

salam guyz...

huhuhu...rini katanya nk citer pasal mende len, last2 skali citer pasal mende laen..huhu...pasalnye rini dh kuar result Make Me Supermodel Season 2..hehehe...and the winner is...Mr Branden!!!!agak mengejutkan jugak result nye..huhu..awalnye, Zul sentiasa mengharapkan kemenangan Jonathan..selepas Mountaha terkeluar last week..tp utk last episode neyh, Zul mcm agak impress ngn Branden y awalnye sememangnya Zul benci..

Branden bawu 18, ala2 abis skolah la gituh..die stay ngn mummy die, a single mum..die start this season ngn sangat corky..ala2 bajet la...tp bile die kene basuh dek judges..hamik ko, terdiam skejap..bagi readers y xmengikuti MMASM2, judges die berbeza dr dlu, harsher...and final three die all guyz...Jonathan, Sandhurst and Branden.

sambung citer pasal Branden ni..die dlu blagak sbb die insecure rasanye..lepas die dh let go, die dh ok..die insecure ngn die nye weakness, iaitu die lemah dalaman nye, and die nak impress and do good for his mom..ye la, mak die je y die ade..after die let go that kinda feeling, die dh ok..and getting better weeks by weeks..and masa last photoshoot, Zul mmg paling impress ngn die nye photo..and kemenangan die pada awalnye mybe agak pelik untuk diterima, tp bila ditengok balik..he desearves to win..all three of them desearve to win actually..but, there can only be uno winner rite, so he win..congratulation to Branden...

and semalam Zul g la melawat anak buah pengarang jantung Zul y sorang tuh..die dah besar dh la...and makin comel days by days..teman die maen2 kejap petang semalam before dinner kat umah die..sangat comel, ngn telatah die y mmg xsenang duduk..semenjak dh pandai berjalan neyh, makin ligat tangan die mencapai..so, umah die atas meja sume kosong..takut nk letak mende..kang dicapai nye, xke haru..ni Zul upload severals pics y sempat Zul captured semalam..hehehe...

and hari ni, insyallah Zul balik Alor Star ngn parent Zul lepas Jumaat..xsabar rasanye, sbb dh lama xblk..huhuhu..and maybe Zul stay sampai ari isnin or selasa..saje je nk dok lama kt umah...nak relax jap..hehehe

thanx reader yang terus membaca n mengomen..terus kn bacaan anda and komen anda..kalo those y ade topic utk kite sembang or kupas, cakap le..leh Zul post utk comming entry..tulis je kat chat box tu pown ok ja..till then, see ya..buhbye..(^_^)

kemengantukkan dan ketidakketahuan....

Thursday, June 4, 2009 2 comments
salam guyz...apa habaq sumer..?

hehehe..sebenarnye Zul xtau nk ckp pasal ape..saje je dikala kebuhsanan ni, Zul nk menaip2...asyik menaip kt hp je..(hp Zul keypad die cam keyboard pc, P1i Sony), so nk taip kt keyboard lappie lak..hukhuk..

Zul sbnarnye dlm mood nk blk Alor Star..sbb papa Zul dtg kli smlm. so Zul bajet die nk blk ari jumaat. klo ye, leh le Zul blk skali..tp ropa2nya die nk blk ari sabtu..errmmmm, cmne nk ikut..even tho papa drive dr kl ke alor star slama 3 jam je (kalo keta len 6 jam), tp stil burn dh ari sabtu tuh...pelik tol, nape papa nk blk ari sabtu..papa dtg just nk tgok fareez je, bukan ade meeting sbb meeting postpone next week..(papa mmg ade meeting everyweek kt kl).kalo Zul blk ari sabtu, ari ahad dh nk kne blk sini..isnin nk masuk lab..asalnye nk bli ticket flight dh, tp mcm mls...so, last2 skali xjd blk...dok je memerap kt umah..tp petang jap g maybe Zul g umah abg ayie kt Mines tuh, nk jenguk Fareez jgk..dgr citer die dh boleh jalan n ngomel2..huhu..nnt Zul upload pics die, kalo Zul sempat snap la, sbb die nie xreti dok diam...

smlm kitorang g ronda2 kt ukm..hahaha..kalo Lucy ngn Bob baca mesti diorang ketawa..kekdahnye, kitorang dh xtau nk lunch kt mane..last skali si Lucy ajak g makan buffet kt Puri Pujangga kt UKM tuh.so, kitorang pown gigih la g..n Zul kne drive kali ni..huhu..sampai je kt sana terus attack dishes die..malas nk tunggu2 dah..tp kali ni Puri mcm dh kurangkan die pya dishes..pastu rasa pown dh ala2 je..tp ok la, stil maintain menjelafang..abis je makan, kitorang g jejalan kt UKM..Bob bawak kitorang tor dalam fakulti Sains die...nk tengok lab2 die cmne je sebenarnye.mmg klaka, kitorang men redah je..org nek lif, kami pown nek lif..muka macam tau je..pdahal ikut org turun kt mana...sempit jugak facs die sebenarnye, n ianya under renovation process..so, bergelimpangan la alat2 depan lab memasing..ade jgk tempat die y agak horror..huhu..tp stil impress ngn diorg punye finding n die pya lab..kesimpulannya, kami perlu bersyukur ngn lab kami di UPM sbb lab kami lebih bersih dn luas..kekdahnye..hahahaa

semalam Zul, Lucy n Bob cadang nk tgok Nite At The Museum kt TGV Cheras Selatan..last2 minute bwu decide manusia2 neyh..nk tempah online pown dh xboleh..so, kitorg pown ala2 kamikaze g je serang cinema..alangkah hanjeng nye bile ticket sumer dh full..maka masing2 ngn nada y sentap mula la memaki hamun..(ntah sape y dimaki nye)..huhu...tp kami masih tidak putus asa..kami terus kn juga misi kami nk menonton wayang, dan kali ini destinasi kami di Mines pulak, hahaha..sampai sana, Bob n Lucy g bli tickets sbb Zul tgh mencari parking space utk park car..lpas dpt je space, Zul diberitahu y movie y available hanyalah Monster vs Alien..Zul ok je, mmg dh lama nk tengok...hehehe, so bli la tickets..kitorang dinner kt Lemon mlm smlm, slpas dh xtau nk dinner kt mana dh kt Mines, dh bosan.

Lemon kt The Mines..

masa tgok movie tuh, Zul sempat lg berbalas2 sms ngn si ehem2..ntah haper y die nk ntah...tanya khabar katanya..xlayan kesian lak..layan wat sakit ati lak..tp maintain layan (hipokrit kanzz), hahaha...layan jap je, pastu smbung blk tgok movie tuh..citer die klaka..penat r jgk ketawa..hehehe..habutlah org keliling pandang kitorang, maintain wat xtaw...nyesal kan dok sebelah kitorang..huhuhu

balik je umah, terus tido...yela, dh la penat, xckup tido dr smlm lg..nk sembang pown, dh mmg Zul dok sorang kt umah tuh..so, bukak tv jap, penat tukar2 channel, last2 skali tido..hahaha..tv tu pandang je Zul tido..ngehehe...pg td kul 730 bwu bangun..tu pown gegas2 siap..kang ade ceramah lak kt dewan..si Bob ajk teman die..sbb die kne g..ceramah pasal Islam and its Challenges..penceramah die dr Iran, Prof Dr. ape ntah..huhu..and abis je ceramah ade free lunch..nasi beriyani lak..fave Zul tuh..makan siap tambah2 pulak..maaf ye kengkawan..

huhu..sampai sini je kot Zul nk update blog Zul untuk entry rini...t bile Zul rasa nk menaip lg, Zul update lg k...thanx to all readers y membaca...erm, maybe sok, Zul nk kupas pasal hujah2 dr Prof Dr td tuh..pasal Islam n Its Challages..kalo sape nk baca, view lg besok..till then, buhbye..(^_^)

kopi ku yang hitam pekat....!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 6 comments
salam sumer...hello guyz...how ya doin..?great i hope...if not, go take some pills, lay down, and read my entry, occay..(^_^)

ari ni Zul nak sembang pasal kopi lah...sbb nye, td masa Zul tapau breakfast kat kafe library, mcm besa, minuman kegemaran Zul, kopi ais...kalo Zul makan kat situ, kopi tarik y slalu Zul pesan...akak cashier tuh tegur air kopi Zul..."hitam pekatnye kopi awak..ni mmg xtido neyh..!". huhu, camne Zul nak jawab, bukan Zul y bancuh kopi tuh...tapi, sepekat mana kopi tuh, ia xpernah effect keinginan Zul utk terlelap..sllunye, kawan Zul sllu tegor, "menguap sambil minum kopi, hebat...!". agakla, sbb mmg Zul dh regular minum kot..dari Zul masuk matrix dlu lagi..

kopi ais bekpas Zul pagi ni...huhu

dulu, mama xpernah bancuh kopi kt umah, xde nescafe bagai sbb mama mmg xencourage anak2 die minum kopi..dunno y..huhu..kat umah, kul 10 sharp Zul dah siap sedia atas katil..abis dinner kul 8, study ngn papa (teman papa wat keje sllunye), kul 10 dah siap berus gigi nak tido dh..masa kat matrix la y Zul blaja minum kopi, sbb nye, pengaruh rakan sebaya bagi melambatkan proses kelelapan mata...huhuhu..kekdahnye, Zul terpengaruh ngn rumate Zul la..diorg stock2 tido kul 2-3..minum tongkat ali bagai..Zul kul 11 dah lenyap dh..bile dh lama dok ngn diorg, melokat la habit nih..diorg xminum sgt kopi, Zul je y minat ngn kopi...huhu...

pastu semenjak Zul start minum kopi neyh, mama belikan coffee maker (espresso machine)..sbb mama tau Zul suke minum susu jgk..so die suh Zul wat latte la, ngn steamed milk tuh..tuh ya Zul makin rancak me'latte' kt umah tuh...huhuhu...cam lebih kurang pic kat bawah tuh..huhuhu..

flavor y plg Zul suke adelah...masa Zul jd barista (part-time kejap, ramai kawan Zul xtau neyh,huhu) kat Starbucks dulu..Dulce de leche..die macam caramel syrup ngn shot of espresso...mmg nyum nyum...Zul mmg suke mende manis2 kekdahnye..kadang2, die nye syrup tuh, Zul makan ngn cookies or muffin..sedap tau..mcm caramel la kt umah tuh...tp skg, kalo Zul singgah *bux, my regular order is hot caramel macchiato..

caramel macchiato neyh pakai flavoured caramel syrup ngn steamed milk, pastu pour espresso, ngn sket caramel syrup as topping...tp Zul sllu request double shot of espresso ngn whipped cream on top..hahaha..mmg sodap...

cafe latte lak, or cafe con leche lak, espresso ngn steamed milk je ingredients die..1/3 of espresso ngn 2/3 of steamed milk, pastu letak milk foam..siap...
cafe latte..

kalo cappuccino lak bezanye, milk foam die tebal sket..1/3 espresso, 1/3 of steamed milk, 1/3 of milk foam..

kalo cafe mocha lak, mcm latte gak, cuma letak chocolate syrup. slalunye mocha xletak mik foam, tp org sllu ganti ngn whipped cream and cocoa powder..
cafe mocha..

haa..dh mcm kelas pengenalan kopi lak kekdahnye..huhu...kepada readers y share habit mcm Zul jugak, iaitu suker minum kopi, next time leh le kite lepak, smbil minum kopi..mmg masyuk, y xminum sgt pown, jom la skali..xnak minum pown xpe..rasa jer..huhu..sodap...