Mid Valley and holiday..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 3 comments
the new blanket with the new pillow case (blue green color)
Mid Valley Food Court
terriyaki chicken with rice..
caramel macchiato..

uurrgghh..this two things can be together..it just ridiculous..

yesterday, my friends and I went to Mid Valley..to buy some stuff..i'm looking for my hair serum while leyla wanted to buy a water heater..so, we decide to go to Mid..got better choices there..but the crowd was like crazy..as usual..i just dun get the ktm service..it sux..!!

so, we had our luch at the foodcourt, after few times of arguements..hahaha..my meal was teriyaki chicken wit japanese rice..(^_^)

i can't recall what did i bought..err, a blanket and a pillow case, a CD, undies, toiletries at bodyshop, EPA pills, wut else eh..huhu..but i do enjoyed myself there..buying things..haha..

Buffday gifts from friends..(^_^)

Monday, December 29, 2008 2 comments
wanna say thank you sooooo much to leyla n adik for the presents..
*white Giordano cap from leyla..
*red laptop bag from my adik..(vouge as he said,huhu)

My Lovely City, Alor Star..!

Sunday, December 28, 2008 1 comments
ok..ni la pemandangan Alor Star dr udara..haha
dis is my plane..
ni Post Office lama, tp still operate..
haa, ni la tmpat shopping ol skul, Kedah Shopping Centre..
sekitar Jalan Tunku Ibrahim tgh2 bandar..
ni Bulatan Teluk Wanjah..kat setiap water bowl tuh ade 1 rukunegara..patriotik kan..?huhu
ni la Menara Alor Star..
ni Menara Jam..
ni Istana Sultan Kedah dulu..bertentang ngn Masjid Zahir..skg jd Muzium Diraja Kedah..
ni mesti ramai t prasan kt kalender kan..hehe..ni la Masjid Zahir..(^_^)

salam..ello guyz..(^_^)

setelah seminggu Zul spent holiday kt Alo star..d last 2-3 days tu bru kuar dr umah..huhu..sadis kan..mesti korg pikir ape mende y zul wat kt umah..hahaha..tgok movie, mkn, men net, tido..pemalas kan..(^_^)

semalam after dinner with my family, celebrating my birthday, zul sempat captured some pics of bandar Alor Star..i noe, some of u guyz xpernah dtg Alo Star pun kan..so, dis is my hometown..!!nnt bile zul blk lg zul amik lg pic ok..(^_^)

It's My Buffday!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008 2 comments
salam..ello guyz..!

i just wanna say thank you so much to those who had wished me and even remind me about my buhhday thru sms' n myspace's comment..thank you again..

I Love You Guyzz..!! ~xoxoxo from me~

idling...lazy like a sloath..yeah, slow.

Monday, December 22, 2008 3 comments
salam..hola mi amigos.que tal?

hurrmm..i dunno why it's hard for me to write a new post in my blog even though i'm at my home..in my lovely hometown alor star..yeah baby, i'm baby. so chicos, hit me anytime..and lets have some chat, do some shopping..owh i love shopping, i miss the feeling of buying new outfits..it just, sensational..hahaha

actually i have bought a flight ticket from KL to Alor Star which is suppose to be this morning. but on saturday, my lovely, beautiful mom called me n informed me that my father is in kl, again..for a meeting. and she ask me to come home with my dad.and i told her bought my ticket. but then she said*never thought my mom would say this "so?what's up with the ticket?it just a flight.."..kinda speechless for a sec, but then i called my dad n told him all the thing and he picked me up..hahaha..yup, i ditch my flight ticket..like wut my mom said, it just a flight..

three days in Alor Star and i haven't went outside my house..don't have the feeling yet i guess..i mean, nothing to do la in here..waiting for my friends to call..*actually they didn't know i'm here..maybe tomorow i'll called them..i spent my days with net surfing, watch movies and Ghost Whisperer season 3..finished watching that series..i do enjoyed it..so fun, scary but fun..but at the end of the show, i always cry..i dunno how n why, it just happened..it's sad to see how the eartbound spirits finally 'see the light' after cruel and harsh disturbance they cause in a way to get attention to settle their unfinish bussiness..it's so touching..*shut up and just watch it..!

hurmm..i've met 2 new friends from net while spending my days home..they all very kind and polite..*huhu for the 1st 3 days..but i think we could be good friends..i'll update to you bout them in next post ok..

thanx for stopping by an read my post..if you feel like wanna leave comments, just do it..or u can even chat with me in my chat box..and it oso can be like my mail box, where u can leave ur messages there..till then, chao..take care will ya..!!

Song of Man XXV

Friday, December 19, 2008 0 comments

I was here from the moment of the
Beginning, and here I am still. And
I shall remain here until the end
Of the world, for there is no
Ending to my grief-stricken being.

I roamed the infinite sky, and
Soared in the ideal world, and
Floated through the firmament. But
Here I am, prisoner of measurement.

I heard the teachings of Confucius;
I listened to Brahma's wisdom;
I sat by Buddha under the Tree of Knowledge.
Yet here I am, existing with ignorance
And heresy.

I was on Sinai when Jehovah approached Moses;
I saw the Nazarene's miracles at the Jordan;
I was in Medina when Mohammed visited.
Yet I here I am, prisoner of bewilderment.

Then I witnessed the might of Babylon;
I learned of the glory of Egypt;
I viewed the warring greatness of Rome.
Yet my earlier teachings showed the
Weakness and sorrow of those achievements.

I conversed with the magicians of Ain Dour;
I debated with the priests of Assyria;
I gleaned depth from the prophets of Palestine.
Yet, I am still seeking truth.

I gathered wisdom from quiet India;
I probed the antiquity of Arabia;
I heard all that can be heard.
Yet, my heart is deaf and blind.

I suffered at the hands of despotic rulers;
I suffered slavery under insane invaders;
I suffered hunger imposed by tyranny;
Yet, I still possess some inner power
With which I struggle to greet each day.

My mind is filled, but my heart is empty;
My body is old, but my heart is an infant.
Perhaps in youth my heart will grow, but I
Pray to grow old and reach the moment of
My return to God. Only then will my heart fill!

I was here from the moment of the
Beginning, and here I am still. And
I shall remain here until the end
Of of world, for there is no
Ending to my grief-stricken being.

Khalil Gibran

This is a poem written by the famous Khalil Gibran..I love the poem so much as it tell us how good we are, we still a human being who will always surrounded by simple things that matter to us..and the best thing is, we always have no idea on how to deal with it..when i read this poem, it kinda makes me think back on how do i react upon things, how good i am on handling them..we are human who's full with wisdom and might but sometimes we just don't know how to use it..


ello ello..

Mines wit new look...!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 3 comments

salam guyz..!!

yesterday me n my friends Bundchen n Banks (yerp, s usual) went 2 seek peace n mind-clearing by going 2 shopping mall..it did work ocay..!it's all happened because of Bundchen supervisor suddenly asked him 2 present an oral presentation during this 20th December seminar. so, as the result, Bundchen was deppresed like ****, huhu..so he asked us 2 go somewhere 2 clear up his thoughts..hahaha..i bet..

so, we went 2 Mines Shopping Fair at Sri Kembangan. we went there without any specific reason, u noe..juz went there, 2 have some good meal n then talk bout things..there, we noticed that Big Apple donut shop had opened. so, our 1st destination was that donut shop..(obviously..)

finished with d donuts, we continue cruising thru d mall..went up n down, east n west..checkout handphones in LG handphones store..and we discovered that Mines had opened a new wing which is quite impressive..plus, got lots of new stores 2 be opened soon..

in the new wing, there is a new Secret Recipe cafe which opened juz few days back. huhu, seems that Mines wud got most of everything soon..huhu..and as for our dinner, we decided 2 have it there...so much for mind-clearing aite..

we spent at least 1 hour and a half there..talk bout things..u noe..teenagers stuffs..haha (yerp, we r teenagers, still)..around 9 pm i reached my place, have a wonderful shower n then..zzzzzzzz..hahaha..(wut do u expect?)

Steamboat on Saturday evening...

Monday, December 15, 2008 6 comments

salam guyz..!

how are u guyz doin??hope u all doin juz fine..

Last Saturday, me n my lovely friends, Banks and Bundchen came 2 our department, on our own mission, Bundchen wanna prepare his spinach germination process, Banks with her fungi culture, n me..assignment from Prof Faridah regarding my clinical approaches upon my dear fungi..eyakkh! hate it..why now..??!!!

Neway, after been stuck up for 5-6 hours (more that that i guess), we decided 2 catch new movie starring Keanu Reeves, The Day The Earth Stood Still..at Sunway Piramid..n then , Bundchen came up wit a brilliant delicate idea about our early dinner..he told us about a steamboat restaurant in Sunway, which is cheap n worth it..so, i surf d net, n found up few places that had received good reviews from previous costumers..(spent more time in this compare 2 finishing my assignment)

after an hour drive, due 2 massive traffic jam..we reached Sunway Piramid on 530 pm, n i went 2 d cinema counters 2 get my booked tickets. on way bax 2 d car, i met Erry Putra, an Actor which known from d drama like SAKA. not that tall s i assume. but he's cute tho. then we went straight 2 d restaurant which is not 2 far from d piramid, juz across d street..near d Meantari Court..

after a careful survey, we stop at a restaurant name RNZ Restaurant..this place juz open last month if i'm not mistaken..n the price is RM 19.80 per person for d steamboat buffet.

d buffet was great, lots of choices n d tomyam was beautifully done..lovely..got some sushi...ice creams, jellies, nasi goreng (this 1 is irresistable), bihun goreng, ayam, udang n ketam goreng pedas..they also served us octopus masak merah and oyster with lemon la, of course..

i must say that i'm really satisfied with d food n d price..really hope 2 come again some other time..for those who want 2 noe more bout this place, leave ur msg in comments box n i'll informed u..(^_^)

Circus..clip and lyric

Saturday, December 13, 2008 2 comments

Circus -

There's only two types of people in the world
The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe
Well baby, I'm a put-on-a-show kinda girl
Don't like the backseat
Gotta be first

I'm like the ringleader, I call the shots (Call the shots)
I'm like a firecracker, I make it hot
When I put on a show...

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
Spotlight on me and I'm ready to break
I'm like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage
Better be ready, hope that you feel the same

All eyes on me, in the center of the ring
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)
When I crack that whip, everybody gon' trip
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)
Don't stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)


There's only two types of guys out there
Ones that can hang with me, and ones that are scared
So baby, I hope that you, came prepared
I run a tight ship, so beware

I'm like the ringleader, I call the shots (Call the shots)
I'm like a firecracker, I make it hot
When I put on a show...

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
Spotlight on me and I'm ready to break
I'm like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage
Better be ready, hope that you feel the same

All eyes on me, in the center of the ring
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)
When I crack that whip, everybody gon' trip
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)
Don't stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)

HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. (Let's go)

(Uh Uh Uh-huh) Let me see what you can do
(Uh Uh Uh-huh) I'm runnin' this
(Like-like-like a circus) Yeah
Like a what? (Like-like-like a circus)

All eyes on me, in the center of the ring
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)
When I crack that whip, everybody gon' trip
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)
Don't stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)

All eyes on me, in the center of the ring
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)
When I crack that whip, everybody gon' trip
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)
Don't stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor
(Just like a Circus) (Uh Uh Uh-huh)


Thursday, December 11, 2008 0 comments
Coffee Freak

Why you say what you say?
I'm beautiful in the beginning
and always to the very end...

You look at me in amazement
I do not know why you do...
It wakes me up and put in its
time always, it defend...

You know I talk about coffee
for it enlightens my day as well
as yours as well told....

How beautiful can this be when
you see a smile and laughter?
Not a frown of dismay or sound
of gloom, but you see me...

Yes, I love coffee, year round it's
my thing, daily 365, want to add a
day or two if you could?

I think it's beautiful, look into the mirror
at the cafe' yonder, go verbally free...
What a wonder it is to you and also to
the coffee lover diehard in me!

(Source from coffeebreakUSA.com)

*u guyz noe how much i love coffee..n how it affected me on my daily life..it's like my booster for my daily kickstart..kinda essential..so, gonna pay sum tribute 2 my fave drink (i noe it sound sooo ting tong)...

the road towards Aidiladha..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 0 comments

Me n Amy

Zakuan n Ajib..

salam sumer..i hope u guyz sumer are great, happy n healthy..(^_^)

s u guyz know, muslims around d world had celebrated aidiladha on monday, 8th of Dicember..yeah, walaupun preparation toward krismas lbih meriah..tp aidiladha ttap xdilupakan...sbnarnya aidiladha ni bukan utk dismbut meriah mcm aidilfitri, sbb aidiladha ni sbnarnye utk mereka y menunaikan haji di tanah suci Mekah..bg kite y ada disini, kita boleh mngenang peristiwa disbalik keistimewaan aidiladha..tp, stil, ketupat, lemang n rendang berleluasa..hahaha..i myself oso one of the buyers, since pulut is my fave dish..mix up with my granny kuah kacang..fuhh, irresistable..

I blk alo star pd ari sbtu mlm, n arrived safely on sunday 4am in d morning, safely..even tho my bus "terbang" (according 2 d girl who sat beside me)..at least we're safe..haha

on that mownink oso, my good friend amy, ajk I g maen badminton..even tho I'm so damn tired, due 2 my flu..(yeah, I got flu..hachoo!),but still i went 2 dat game..it was fun, n exhausting, but fun..

later on dat nite, we had a stroll down to alo star town..amy nk cari brg skt..so we went there wit my frend ajib, he picked us up..pity him, ajib was all messed up dat nite, girl thing, work..huhu..but we did try 2 cheer him up..amy done a great job i guess..haha..we went 2 Pekan Rabu, which is famous wit its local goods..serunding, dodol, kuih, kek..u name it..all were there..but we did't buy anything there that nite..juz walked thru it..2 taste d feeling of d crowd..hahaha..here, i've uploaded some of d photos..

there, we decided 2 try sup daging from a bihun sup stall..it was great, i must say..lots of meats..uhuu..n amy did enjoyed it soo much..ajib seems 2, even tho he'd been bother by troubles n probs..

then my fren zakuan col..we headed str8 2 his house n picked him up..n we went to Old Town White Coffee cafe..our fave hang out lair...hahaha..kinda packed wit peoples but we managed 2 get a table,a reserved one..but it's actually not being reseved by someone..they juz put d reserved tag 4 no reason..

ordered my fave french toast 2 go wit xi mut milk tea..n then we had our loud chat..s usual..haha..craked jokes, laughed, made fun of each other..it was a great moment..i juz wish v could do dat every nite..huhu..

thanx again 2 my frens, Amy, Ajib n Zakuan....

Jejalan n A Wave Good Bye..!

Saturday, December 6, 2008 0 comments

salam sumer..(^_^)

erm, ari khamis ritu, I ngn Bundchen and Banks bz gile...sumer nye gara teeettt..huhuhu...kesana kemari la y pasti nya....

tengah ari hujan lebat..huh, mmg lebat r..kebetulan lak kitorg nk g UM jap..nk setel kn keje sket..I mls nk drive sbb I xckup tido smlm nya, takut ting tong nnt..so si Bundchen y jd Formula 1 driver kitorg...alhamdulillah smpai jgk destinasi nye...huhu

lpas setel keje kitorg, mula lah niat melencong..singgah la Mid Valley jap...beli barang kt body shop jap...I kn no 1 fans Body Shop..ade je mende nk sauk...tapi Mid mmg tgh sale gile babeng...geram r..nk bli tp bile iman dok ketuk kpala I, cancel...huhu. Mid sgt cute sgt, decoration smpena festive season..nnt I upload pics y I smpat capture pkai hp I..

Jumaat, huhu..rini si Bundchen very da happy, yela, nk blk kampong kekdahnya...tp kitorg smpat sakat die..I ckp kalo bas u xreach seremban by 6, ko kne take over tmpat driver tuh..hahaha..yela, I dh leh teka, org Malaysia kan PERAK..kalo hujan, mst jalan slow gile babeng, klo slow tuh xpe, dok le line kiri..ni x nye..pastu klo ade accident, ayoooo...y xde kne mngena pown..mcm reporter lak..kalo g trun tolong xpe gak..ni, siap berenti tgok dlu..igt fun fair ke..

alhamdulillah smpai jgk die ngn slamat nye ke pangkuan keluarga..sempat r die tgok Separuh Akhir Juara Lagu kategori Balada..erm, nk cite psal Balada..huhu, I agk stuju ngn pemilihan juri..sume y msuk sumer songs y I mmg dh target..cuma a bit terkilan bila tgok akak Ziana struggle nyanyi lgu dingin..tp d best moment bg I smlm bile Aizat dpt tau die qualified..so overwhelming..so humble..it shud be like dat..bukan berlakon2 overwhelm..huhu..xsabar nk tgok performance die mlm AJL nnt..mst simple n sweet mcm mlm td..huhu..

upm menang zapin makum...lagi!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008 0 comments
salam sumer..(^_^)

pada 2-3 disember 2208 lepas, UPM organized zapin comp antara IPTA..Festizal Zapin MAKUM di Dewan Banquet UPM..ade 18 teams y participated..I harus la menjadi penonton setia..as a dancer y dh pencen, kite nk tgok ape adik2 baru kite keupayaan kanzz...so, gila tgok dgn harapan nk mencarotz team mana y laha..haha..1st day agak ok r..suker per4mance by uia n um..KESUMA dr UM esp...posture every dancers mmg tip top...UIA sbb rancak..cuma, well..ntah..huhu..

2nd day, which is d finale, harus la tgu UPM..as johan bertahan kanz...bile tgok UTM wat zapin putar alam, cute sgt..interaction between dancers sgt cute...n then bila PRISMA SENI UiTM performed, kitorg mcm hang skjap..sbb die pya pola lantai very d complicated...susah n..berselirat..smpai xtau ape mende y diorg try wat..siap gabung 4 jnis zapin..penin kpala jap..xbca terms n regulation ke msa isi borg nk join tuh..??msuk je ADIMASTULI, trus la I menjerit2 bagai org giler...hahaha..performance y best..mmg neck2neck r ngn performance UM...cuma d dramatic parts became d X-factor 4 ADI 2 grab d title 4 d second time...

n d results r..UPM 1st, UM 2nd, UKM 3rd..the rest nye awards tuh byk sgt, klo nk tau, leave comments, nnt i update..huhu

neway, congrats tue sumer teams y participate ats kesungguhan utk memertabatkan seni budaya kite..n tahniah kpd those y menang..y x tuh, try again next year..kot2 ade rezki..mana tau..kanzz???

HUSH HUSH by PUSSYCAT DOLLS (mp3 and lyric)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 0 comments
Hush Hush - Pussycat Dolls

I Never Needed You To Be Strong
I Never Needed You For Pointing Out My Wrongs
I Never Needed Pain, I Never Needed Strain
My Love For You Was Strong Enough You Should Have Known

I Never Needed You For Judgement
I Never Needed You To Question What I Spent
I Never Ask For Help, I Take Care Of Myself,
I Don't Know Why You Think You've Got A Hold On Me

And it's A Little Late For Conversations
There Isn't Anything For You To Say
And My Eye's Hurt, Hand's Shiver,
So Look At Me And Listen To Me Because

I don't Want Too, Stay Another Minute
I don't Want You, To Say A Single Word
Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush
There Is No Other Way, I Get The Final Say Because,
I don't Want Too, Do This Any Longer
I don't Want You, There's Nothing Left To Say
Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush
I've Already Spoken, Our Love Is Broken
Baby Hush, Hush

I Never Needed Your Corrections
On Everything From How I Act To What I Say
I Never Needed Words
I Never Needed Hurts
I Never Needed You To Be There Everyday

I'm Sorry For The Way I Let Go
From Everything I Wanted When You Came Along
But I'm Never Beaten From Broken Up Defeated
I Know Next To You Is Not Where I Belong

And it's A Little Late For Explanations
There Isn't Anything That You Can Do
And My Eye's Hurt, Hand's Shiver,
So You Will Listen When I Say

I don't Want Too, Stay Another Minute
I don't Want You, To Say A Single Word
Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush
There Is No Other Way, I Get The Final Say Because,
I don't Want Too, Do This Any Longer
I don't Want You, There's Nothing Left To Say
Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush
I've Already Spoken, Our Love Is Broken
Baby Hush, Hush

No More Words, No More Lies, No More Crying
No More Pain, No More Hurt, No More Trying


Sunday, November 30, 2008 0 comments

salam sumer...(^_^)

hiye guyz..huhuhu...lma xdgr citer...how's ur weekend btw?owh, dis time i'm gonna tell u bout how did i spent my weekend..!!!

hurrmm....where shud i start ye...it started on saturday mownink when i received an early phone call from my best buddy, eg. die ajk tman die g audition OIAM kt times square..I pun dgr prasaan y mlas thap agung, mengiakan..n i ajk my rumate 2 come along wit me...msa kitorg nek tren die ckp die xjd nk audition sbb org rmai gile n die mlas, so we decided 2 watch muvie n of course i suggest twilight..after several times negotiation n lots of persuasion..kitorg pun decide 2 watch dat muvie, and yerp, again for me..i dun mind coz i love it so much..hehehe...

so, kitorg jumpe kt pavilion n trus jejalan..bile i dgr eg nk cri sport shirt n beg..i dh jd smgat..i ni pntang bile dgr org nk shopping..so, i pn usha2 gk r beg2 y lawa2..cdg nye nk bli trus, tp bile pk kot2 nnt jmpa y lg elok kt tmpat len..i matikan niat tuh..tp kerje mengusha maintain dijalankan dgn giat nye...

before we watch d muvie we took an early lunch, since we were in great hunger..hehehe...we haven't took our bekpas yet on dat time...so, i ate pulut kuning wit rendang at Food Republic while other 2 took nasik lemak as their brunch meal...

after twilight kmi jejalan mencari brg y tlah di set dlm kpala otak di cri tuh..pusing pya pusing xde 1 y melekat dlm ati..ntah r nape..design, price, brand...price r most of d time...so then i suggest g sg wang since there got alots of option..smpai je sna kitorg g al ikhsan kt bbplaza..there eg nmpak 1 shirt, quite nice r honestly..without much consideraton, trus r grab..mls nk ckp byk dh sbnarnya waktu tuh..

stlah pnat bjalan, kitog decide utk rest2 kjap kt mna2 cafe, have sum refreshment 1st b4 apart..so, kitorg g mkn kt old town white coffee kt Low Yatt Plaza..there. i kuarkn idea y agk bernas..i cdang utk tido kt umah eg since that he'll b spending his night alone...lpas deal here n there..set, mlm tu kitorg akan tido umah eg..

lps slsai mkn, kitorg trus chow, straight bax 2 campus..lps rest 4 awhile..me n my rumate took tren bax 2 eg house..smpai kt station, he picked us..lps tuh igt nk dinner kt cheng ho,tp tetiba mcm rmai lak rituh, so kitorg pusing2 kt area tuh..last2 jumpa gak kdai mkn y kitorg ade hati nk mkn..

smpai kt umah eg, kitorg karaoke kejap..kjap je..dua tiga buah lagu je before we decided 2 watch a muvie entitiled The Midnight Meet Train..tgok smbil tutup mata la, apalagi..hehehe....habis je muvie tuh, kitorg sumer dh flat..as flat as d flat screen tv..n then apalagi, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

ahad, pagi as early as 8 am i dg trbagun...i tgok eg pun dh bgun smbil tgok tv..layan la citer kejap..soulman nma die kt cine channel..best gak..funny r dat muvie..abis je lyan citer, kitorg start blk xtvt smlm iaitu mnguji keupayaan tekak..hahaha..smbil2 memikir kan apekah agenda utk ari tuh...

after kitorg siap2, kitorg g bekpas kt kedai bwh kt sri gombak..lama giler xg kdai kt situ..i used 2 satay there 4 several years long time ago..huhu..after bekpas, i ajk diorg g jejalan kt titiwangsa..smbil cuci mata katenyer..so, kitorg pown g la titiwangsa..jalan2 keliling pond tuh..tp ari dh start pnas dh at dat moment, so,kitorg amik kputusan nk g klcc lak..hakhak..diva tak??

smpai je klcc, isetan mrupakan 1st pit stop..msuk2 je tgok ade sale..ape lg, mula lah xtvt menghabiskan simpanan..hahaha..tp thank 2 Allah ats sinar hidayah nyer, kitorg xbli ape2..juz mnghabiskn msa n energy je kt situ...then g kinokuniya, knun2 nk tgok buku, xbli gk sbb bku ritu pun xbrsntuh lg..last2 g mkn kt burger king..y ni bru btul2 bli..huahuahua

lpas dh kenyang, it's time 2 say good bye..mula2 mcm mlas nk blk tp my rumate remind about d crowd in d public nnt, so kne la blk awal..n then, again i ngn rsa meletop nye ajk my frens lpak kt kolej..since dat die dh lma xdtg kolej, n die buhsan dok kt umah sorg2..so, last skali kitorg pun blk kolej ngn eg..thanx eg sbb ikot kitorg blk...

smpai kt kolej, rehat2 jap smbil chat sket2 ngn eg, yela, lma xsmbang ng die..i n eg mmg kwn baek..he's my best buddy, kinda say dat he noes everything bout me, n i kinda noes everything bout him r..ye la, he's my ex rummate 4 2-3 years..

mlm tuh kitorg dine kt bangi..sri impian ke nama rest tuh..agak best jgk r masakan die..mkn siakap stim n so on la...kmi bertiga je pun...agak expensive jgk meal die, tp leh than r rsa die..huhu..ape2 pun mende dh order, so lahap je la..hehe..

lpas eg ntar kitorg blk said good bye n so on, i cpat2 pnjat blik..nk rest n nk update blog i ni la...penat jgk sbnarnye..tp lyan net r jap...hehe

so, tue la citer weekend i utk kali ni...agak best r...erm, cmne lak weekend depan ye..huhuhu...


Saturday, November 29, 2008 0 comments

salam sumer...(^_^)

today is friday..utk ari ni..my life went on s any friday always been..routine n bored..

erm, ritu I janji nk upload pic orchid I y dah berbunga..n here it is...hehehe..cute aite?

Lirik Lagu Rawan..

Friday, November 28, 2008 0 comments
biar berjauhan namamu daku sebutkan,
cukup ku tangisi sepi tika pilu menanti,
bukan bintang atau suria bisa menyinar ceria,
namun kau cahaya menerangi jiwa lara,

berperang dengan curiga di firasatku,
andai kau kembali merawat hati rindu,

ku bahagia pabila kau tiba,
kau lenyapkan rawan,
tak usah dikau pergi,
tak ingin lagi meruntun hiba,
sesalan ini kuakui,

segala kemaafan ku pohon kepadamu,
agar kau mengerti,
hanya cintamu yang terbaik,

*oh my gosh..i started 2 lurve dis song...sang by Azharina Azhar...fully written by my fave multi talented singer hazami...bru dengar tadi trus cri...now, inilah dia lirik lagu Rawan-Azharina Azhar

Rawan - Azharina Azhar


Thursday, November 27, 2008 0 comments

assalammualaikum n salam mesra guyz..(^_^)

how u guyz doin today..??harap2 great la..
.rini nothing much happen so far..mlm smlm i tido lmbt..kul 1 pg lebeyh bru tido..sbb nyehehehe..
tp smlm agak sedeyh sbb i argue ngn kwn chatter..it's an idiot thing 2 happen coz we'r so cool b4 dis..he's a good, nice guy..it juz, different preference and personality kot. thank God last2 baek blk...sorry pakcik..(^_^)

n pg nie i bgun agak lmbat..kul 9 bru bgun..apa lg, gegasla bsiap...huhutp so far nothing interesting happened r..

n ari ni we all decided 2 watch d new showing muvie..Twilight..ala, citer psal vampire vagai tuh..huhu..s usual, i booked d tickets 4 all, n we'll b watching it @ TGV KLCC on 6.45..those y nk g jgk, leh r jumper kt sna..hehehe....

so...tgok la citer twilight tuh..beshhh(^_^)..sweeeeeettttttt sgt..serious! n it was not bad..ok..cool la..tp sblum smpai klcc tuh, kitorg terpaksa merempuh hujan y lebat..org kl ni kan 'perak' sket ngn hujan..asal hujan je, everything goes slow,,,slow gile babeng, tuh y traffic jam mcm laha tuh..nsib bek smpat jgk smpai, n redeem
booked tickets.

lpas abis tgok citer tuh, kitorg gegas2 cri slipar Ipanema tuh, sbb mmg dh bertekad nk jgk slipar tuh..pusing la satu klcc tuh, last2 skali kt stadium ade..tp unfortunately xde size..so I n Bundchen pun decided utk amik je slipar rider y ade gk unsur2 Brazil tuh...huhu..lebeyh kurg cam Ipanema jgk la..haha...

n for dinner smlm kitorg mkn kt Cheng ho restaurant kt section 5 wangsa maju..rindu nye nk blk wangsa maju...huhu..dulu kan I stay kt wangsa maju kt umah makcik I..but then b4 i moved bax 2 my college la..erm, nk citer psl dinner smlm..mskan die mmg best...n it's worth 2pay..really! it was delicous n seductious..hahaha.but cheng ho wan't like cheng ho used 2 be..xrmai sgt org..kitog pun xkonfiden sbnarnye nk g sbb tkut penuh cm dulu..alih2 xde org...tp mmg sedap!

n lps je i smpai blik..i trus debushh...huhu..ngantuk giler...hehe


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 0 comments


ari ni i agak blur..from d early mownink till nite..huhu..bgun dlm keadaan y sesangat la mlas...amik msa jgk la utk bgun btul2 n g shower..tp then i agak eppy coz my orchid dh kuar bunga..hehehe..cute sgt..nnt i upload pic die..mst u guyz jeles..huhuhu...

g lab pown malas giler babeng...nsib bek la ade new chatters y i jumpa, abg adam...die chat ngn i smbil injected me wit words 2 refresh myself up..tp myb coz i mmg dh nekad nk remain blur..hehehe..thanx abg..(^_^)

erm, lps opis hour, igt nk trus blk sbb dh nk ujan,tetiba Bundchen ajk i g carrefour kt alamanda, nk bli brg katanye..so i pn ajk la si Beauty Banks tuh g alamanda..niat nye skali nk byar bill hp, so queue la at atm machine 2 withdraw money..smpai je kt center die ckp current standing RM 7.90 je..trus i blur, asal sket beno aku pkai this month...before this klo xcecah 100 xsah..tp, habot je..trus straight g body shop lak, bli shower gel y dh abis..satsuma shower gel. pastu g carrefour teman si Bundchen bli brg2 nk menyental toilet umah die..meletops sgt..cleaner kejap jadik nyer..n then singgah MPH..asalnye nk jejalan jer...last2 skali bli gak 1 buku..Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger..ntah best ke x..men bli je sbb tetiba ter'attract' ngn buku tuh....n last but not least kitorang dinner kt Sushi King..sbb dh lma xmkn sushi..hehe..best jgk bile dpt mkn skali skala...hehehe...ats tuh pix kt i kt sushi king smbil menggu my order 2 be served...(^_^)

a new breath..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 0 comments

assalamualaikum....!!!!! owh my GOSHHHHH>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been a loooooooooonnnnnnggggggg time since d last time I updated my blog..huhuhu..wut a shame...(^_^) and since that time oso, lots of things happens...things dat had brought both tears and smiles....huhuhu ape ek antaranyer....?? byk lah...so mlas nk tulis..klo dh teringat y besh2 nnt bru tulis..boleyhh..??hehehe today is 25 November 2008 Tuesday..hahaha..pagi ini dimulakan dgn bgun pagi dlm keadaan y sgt mlas....sewiussss..(mcm ming ming dlm wonderpet)..while waitin 4 Bundchen 2 arrive at dept., surf net duluoh...smpai je si Bundchen tuh, trus bekpas kt park view... Bundchen and I teringin nak tgok citer Slamat Pagi Laha..hahaha..since die shoot kt UPM..so nk tgok jgk, which side of UPM y die shoot..the bright side or d laha one..huhu..(ade bright side ke..?)..and s usual, dh mnjadi tanggungjawap I utk membook tickets via on9....huhuhu..tgok kt mines r rini.hehehe..

Lunch di Bangi Kopitiam setelah brkali2 memilih tempat utk lunch...hahaha..sbb dh xtaw sgt nk mkn kt mana..pulut n rendang i pya meal..xsangka btul..hehehe..of all d meal.n pulut mst la ade ikan kering.i pulak mmg xmkn ikan kering, so passing la kt kengkawan i...jasmine tea y i order mmg kne ngn mood i at dat moment..relaxing tol..

after office hour, kitorg trus dash off g mines, shopping2 sgala..asalnye nk bli shower gel sbb shower gel kistna body shop i dh abes,tp last2 melencong..cri gak slipar bru sbb slipar kt lab i dh putus..dok besh usha slipar ipanema si gissele tuh, xde stock pulak..sedeyh tol..

and movie y kitorg tgok tuh..ok la jgk...nk ckp best sgt, xjgk...nk ckp laha sgt..xjgk...huhu..tp agk ting tong la..hahaha..suker tgok syarifah amani blakon...cute sgt..esp bile die kapel ng que haidar..

n then kitorg dinner kt kenny rogers...tp ntah naper ntah smlam mcm xde mood sgt nk mkn ayam2 neyh..so mkn spegg la..sedeyh....(^_^)

Big Apple..!

Monday, May 19, 2008 1 comments
erm....smlam x ke memane sgt...juz g men bowling sesorg..saje nk test bola. yela, dh lma xpkai, so smlm g men kt skybowl, star parade. klo kt kedah bowl tuh, konpem ramai..pastu gi membeli-belah sket..(membeli-belah lagik!).bli undies jew...

petang, si helmi ajk teman g tesco lak...dh teringin nk mkn big apple..konsep sgt..tau la org as neh..konsep album perak ngn mende baru..veratur la aku neh pun..puas aku maki die vagai, laz2 aku gk y jelafang lebey dr die..hahaha.aku xminat sgt big apple. klo lalu kt garden or the curve tuh, jrg r singgah..tp klo jco, jgn ditanya...sanggup je veratur!

n d rest of d day tuh, spend depan pc lew...


Saturday, May 17, 2008 0 comments
star..naper star?sbb aku di alor star!!!!hahaha...
smlm bertolak blk ke alor star kul 830...voley??konsep sgt...
masa drive tuh, alhamdulillah xde pape la sgt..cuma ngantuk skit...kul 230 smpai umah...rmai jugak org blk kampong weekend neh..cuti lebey sket kot...isnin ni kan wesak day..

rm, sentap r smlm malaysia kalah thomas cup....aku punya la semangat crik live telecast dlm net..tv3 hampeh jgk. kjap voley, kejap xvoley (most of d time xvoley sbnarnye)....sedey sgt....tp nk wat mcm mana..rezeki lah katakan..apa2 pun, sok ada final thomas cup..n aku harap china leh kalah kn korea y hanj itu....huhuhu

td aku g mencuci tekak...karaoke la.penat gile menyanyi nih...haha..pastu g shopping..giler tol. 1st day dh burn rm 100 lebey..ada lgik 2 minggu..pokai jgk aku nnt..huhuhu!


Friday, May 16, 2008 1 comments
salam sumer..

smlm aku g tgok narnia ngn fab 5..xde la best sgt citer tuh compare ngn 1st sequel die dlu..byk peperangan r. i expect bile tgok narnia, mst byk mende y magical...tp kali ni xbyk..tp klaka sgt smlm.kitorg dh mcm directors, xpun pengkritik filem...so, kpd sape y tgok narnia kat TGV Mines smlm, klo dgr org y bising2 kt blkang tuh, kitorang la..hehehe,sorry!

smlm adalah emotion aku mixed. result utk 2nd sem dh kuar. n to my surprise, i xdpt 4 flat mcm last sem..sedey sgt!mcm nk nangis, tp tahan je...pastu ada kwn aku dpt g interview utk position y aku dieing to have...jelezzzzz sgt. nasib baek Bundchen n Banks ada smlm. klo x, leh ting tong gk aku....neway guyz, if u read dis post, thank u so much tau..

skg aku dh pkai line maxis...xyah susah2 nk topup, xyah susah2 nk pk psal kredit abis...lpas neh, makin rancak la aku menge'call' org...huhuhu

ptg nnt aku blk ke kam pong halaman ku y tercinta ngn aunties aku...abg n kakak aku pun nk ikot skali...huhu.rasa mcm nk cuti lama, smpai hujung bulan. nk tenangkan fikiran jap..yoyo o je..

ya, aku nk ucapkan takziah kpd kwn baek aku, Shahrul Azni, diatas pemergian ibunda y tercinta, Cikgu Zaitun. Cikgu zaitun pernah ajar aku masa primary school. aku igt lg..Cikgu Zaitun ajar BM masa aku darjah tiga, n on d same time jd guru kelas aku..Cikgu mmg sakit kanser..Cikgu, saya doakan agar roh cikgu dicucuri rahmat, dan di tempatkan dikalangan org y beriman..amin.


Thursday, May 15, 2008 0 comments

satu perkataan yang kecil, tp membawa maksud y sgt mendalam dan paling bermakna. x semua org mampu utk mengungkap kan perkataan ini. dgr spt remeh n mudah, tp dat's d reality. brapa ramai diantara kite y ckp 'aku cinta kau', instead of using the the sentence 'i love u' bile kite nk mengekspresikan rsa cinta kite trhadap seseorg..? i think most of us prefer to use 'i love u' rather then ' aku cinta kau'..krana bg kite perkataan cinta tu sgt puitis dn keramat..compare to perkataan love..ntah, btul atau x tuh bergantung pd individu la.

kite sume tau, cinta sgt diverse..cinta bkn spesifik pd satu entiti atau individu..cinta pd, lovers, cinta pada pa n ma, cinta pd boy, cinta pd fab 5 n d click...cinta pd diri sndri... ni ntra cinta y ada pd diri aku..

the worst thing about this feeling is dat, die leh wat kite jd gile, n xbrnyawa (worst case).. sgt special kan cinta nih, mende y paling bahagia n indah, boleh bertukar menjadi our worst nightmare... bagaimana kite menghandle prasaan cinta...itu y plg pnting..

sejujurnya, aku pernah bercinta.seusia 12 tahun..!i hav a crush wit this fellow..he bcome my best fren, smpai la kmi separate msa secondary skul. pastu, msa aku form 2..kwn baek aku jgk..msa form 3, kmi gaduh besar, smpai sthun xberckp...ting tong tul...smpai msuk form 4, bru ok. aku igt lg ari die ajk aku kuar msa poser, nk g usha bju raya kt town. stlah stahun xbrckp, ttiba ajk g bli bju rya..hahaha...smpai form 5..

lps tuh, aku prefer single.. smpai aku msuk 1st year kt ipt.pastu, mulalah kisah personal life aku y complicated neh...huhu..

mmg cinta tuh bahagia n indah..tp bagaimana kite embrace n cherish the moment while kite being loved itu y mnjdikan ianya bermakna...

satu mende y slalu aku igtkan diri aku klo bercinta, get ready with any circumstances, esp the ending...sbb, aku tau, xsumer cinta tuh last forever.....

Second Day..!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 0 comments
ari ni mcm besa, i sampai lambat..as usual r, kul 11.sementara tukar tren kt sentral, i sempat grab latte kat *bux. my fave r..hot dulce leche latte. smlam si Banks kasik i pinjam buku konon2 seram die, singapore ghost stories tuh..pg td i dh abis bca..xde la seram sgt..ada la 2, 3 citer y kendo..hehehe.

erm, nk citer psl smlm..huhuhu.smlm i contact blk junior skul mate i. wadi, kt utp.nk inform kt die y i nk blk hometown, as, dis weekend. dulu die ckp, klo nk blk, mention kt die, sbb klo leh die nk stay kt umah i.die bkn org as. so, klo die nk dtg as, mlwat skul ke, die xde tmpat nk stay.stelah beberapa kli msg, smlm die reply.
"sorry, bz sket 2, 3 minggu neh"
"xpe, juz nk inform y abg nk blk as dis weekend, wanna join?"
"owh..i dun think i wud. sorry again. got exam juz around d corner. next month bru holiday"
"owh, really. then neva mind..study smart then"
"huhu, D tkoot r exam nih..coursework pya mark mcm xbrpa besh..so, kne strive hard utk final"
"ek, ala..standard r..1st sem mmg mcm tuh.abg pun sma gk.but, as time goes by, we cud catch the pace. juz make sure u dun push urself too hard sdh.kang bengong lak"
"hoho, u do dat.thanx neway 4 ur words..ni y tetiba x sbar nk blk as. ada org nk banje.."
"kanz...ni dh ngantok sgt neh..smpai mamai..g tido, gih.."
"hahaha, xpe.D akn sntiasa berdoa smpai trbuka pintu hati org tuh..."

then, my fren from singapore,rizz, msg i. blk dr keje, mst sms i...tp most of d time i y greet die dlu...ntah npe smlm i mcm moody sket ngn die..sian die.xpsal2 kne hangin i..haha.sorry rizz..!

erm, td Dr H dtg melawat lab (xtvt rutin).die bwk skali ngn die pya idea n falsafah (juge rutin).klaka r die tuh.tp apa die ckp mmg make sense. kali nihdie kasik tips, more on precaution steps actually, on bagaimana nk meminima kan risiko contamination of our fungi.huhu, the key is 'clorox'..!

smlm, i ada citer psl si Banks y emo kat sorg *****er. tua, gemok pendek katanya (TGP). Td Bundchen n Klum ckp y TGP bwk citer psl kitorg kt bebudak len.mau x hangin kitorang...ada veran die carotz psal group the Fab 5..!

gembira si Banks tuh. ada date katanya..ntah propa kat kami sumer..siap charge bateri camera.yo yo o je...

Da f1st entry..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 0 comments
assalamualaikum semua..hola guyz..

this is my 1st entry for this new blog of mine..sebenarnya dh buat dulu, tp dh xpkai..smpai lupa dh password vagai..mls nk retrieve via email, i decided to create a new 1..n then, wala.....terciptanya blog neh...

renaissance:emancipation of me...or REM...

renaissance tuh i pilih sbb bg i, it means peralihan peradaban gituh..konsep2 hijrah r..since that i'm in my critical age (mude lagik r,belia remaja gituh), so the transition from teenager to adulthood..antara changes y ketara mcm, attitude, way of thinking and judgement, appearance, n mcm2 lagi lah..

emancipation of me tuh sbb skg i rsa i dh free sket...yela, skg i dh kurang depend on my parent..klo dlu tuh, every month call mintak bank in elaun..skg dh ada scholar, so, xdelah nk ssh kn papa n mama lgik sgt..

dgn itu, terciptanya REM..huhuhu

ari nih ari selasa..n selasa mlm adalah mlm y nest sbb byk show best kt tv...starting with csi, ugly betty n desperate housewife....huhu.ni y xsbr nk blk neh..

erm, kwn i si beauty igt kn i ari nih 13th of may..sume org tau kn wut does this date reminds us..i bkn nk ckp psl apa y blku waktu tarikh ni dlu, tp i nk ckp psl apa y blku pd tarikh ni skg..
dh lbey kurg 40 thun..n now byk mende kite achieve together..n byk mende y kite lh bangga kan..but on d same time, kite xleh le mendada sgt..the road is still long n uncertain..jd, kite jln sesama, holding hands..klo ada y jatuh, kite bgun sesama, not laughing or blamming each other..huhu, mcm pandai je i ni kan..

ada org ckp entry i neh serious...huhuhu.serious sgt ke?xde la sgt..ala, ni kan tmpat mncurah pndapat..hehehe..
ni tgh que line utk cabel net..sedey sgguh...nah, 5 min je..!

haha..dh dpt blk cable net..bru dok gelak ketawa vagai, tetiba ada berita y menggeramkan kami sumer..ada lecturer kantoi kan punch card kami sumer..huhuhu.masalahnyer, sumer org sama, student die pun lbey kurang je..kawan i si Lima neh antara mangsa nye..hoho.jenuh la i n kwn i si Bundchen mencekcur.penat kami mencarot2 psl die..huhu.