Tuesday, February 10, 2009
salam sumer..(^_^)

lama Zul xpost new entry dlm blog neyh..busy sbenarnye..and a lil bit of laziness..hahaha..but ari ni, Zul nk curi masa sket tulis a lil some2 dlm blog...

dh lebeyh seminggu my life wasn't been documented dlm blog, n in that period oso lots of things happened..joyous and teary moment...blend and became a great long week..

Zul dh start blk lab work kt chemistry lab, Chemistry Dept., UPM..haha..4 my biochem part..byk mende nk kne refresh blk..cmne nk wat TLC, bukan TLC singers tuh, yang tuh org suka TLC y chromatography tu..hehehe..penin2 katak alhamdulillah dpt jgk catch up..doakan Zul ek!

and malam nye Zul busy monitor budak2 Nasyid kt kolej...there is a competition this coming friday, so in a struggling mood to deliver a great performance xdela pakar, tp tukang kritik terbaik r...hahaha..sorry guyz..i love you all!

my personal life..?i put it on hold..not in a mood in having one yet...malas nk pikir sbnarnye...ade kawan2 yang happening and caring cukup..skg Zul lyan sumer kwn2 equally, xde special2 one dh..kang nnt die take 4 granted je mende ni..pastu yang saket hati spe...kite jgk..hehe (kan nyuting kan?)

last weekend, i met my long time friend, Tampal. lama dh xjmpa die...ssh btul nk connect ngn di ni..kkdang msg,xreply (kkdang Zul sndri y xreply),cmne tuh..kebetulan weekend tuh die dtg..smpat la jgk catch some stories wit him...wut a nice friend..he's a good friend i must say..(bangga r tuh) miss ya!

hurm..rasanye utk kali ni, ni je kut citer nye..xde mende sgt nk karang.not in a mood in writing..maybe next day kot..huhu..hope so..neway, see ya ocay!



rizz at: February 10, 2009 at 11:23 AM said...

wahh miss zoul gak hehe bile la nk hang out same kann