Thursday, December 11, 2008
Coffee Freak

Why you say what you say?
I'm beautiful in the beginning
and always to the very end...

You look at me in amazement
I do not know why you do...
It wakes me up and put in its
time always, it defend...

You know I talk about coffee
for it enlightens my day as well
as yours as well told....

How beautiful can this be when
you see a smile and laughter?
Not a frown of dismay or sound
of gloom, but you see me...

Yes, I love coffee, year round it's
my thing, daily 365, want to add a
day or two if you could?

I think it's beautiful, look into the mirror
at the cafe' yonder, go verbally free...
What a wonder it is to you and also to
the coffee lover diehard in me!

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*u guyz noe how much i love coffee..n how it affected me on my daily's like my booster for my daily kickstart..kinda, gonna pay sum tribute 2 my fave drink (i noe it sound sooo ting tong)...