idling...lazy like a sloath..yeah, slow.

Monday, December 22, 2008
salam..hola mi amigos.que tal?

hurrmm..i dunno why it's hard for me to write a new post in my blog even though i'm at my my lovely hometown alor star..yeah baby, i'm baby. so chicos, hit me anytime..and lets have some chat, do some shopping..owh i love shopping, i miss the feeling of buying new just, sensational..hahaha

actually i have bought a flight ticket from KL to Alor Star which is suppose to be this morning. but on saturday, my lovely, beautiful mom called me n informed me that my father is in kl, again..for a meeting. and she ask me to come home with my dad.and i told her bought my ticket. but then she said*never thought my mom would say this "so?what's up with the ticket?it just a flight.."..kinda speechless for a sec, but then i called my dad n told him all the thing and he picked me up..hahaha..yup, i ditch my flight wut my mom said, it just a flight..

three days in Alor Star and i haven't went outside my house..don't have the feeling yet i guess..i mean, nothing to do la in here..waiting for my friends to call..*actually they didn't know i'm here..maybe tomorow i'll called them..i spent my days with net surfing, watch movies and Ghost Whisperer season 3..finished watching that series..i do enjoyed fun, scary but fun..but at the end of the show, i always cry..i dunno how n why, it just's sad to see how the eartbound spirits finally 'see the light' after cruel and harsh disturbance they cause in a way to get attention to settle their unfinish's so touching..*shut up and just watch it..!

hurmm..i've met 2 new friends from net while spending my days home..they all very kind and polite..*huhu for the 1st 3 days..but i think we could be good friends..i'll update to you bout them in next post ok..

thanx for stopping by an read my post..if you feel like wanna leave comments, just do it..or u can even chat with me in my chat box..and it oso can be like my mail box, where u can leave ur messages there..till then, chao..take care will ya..!!


edanfist at: December 23, 2008 at 2:48 AM said...'s just a tickect, no need 2 worry....ahaks...ahaks....ahaks

Kash Adz at: December 23, 2008 at 12:12 PM said...

komen! komen! komen!...yeah! u r a lazy guy. Dok la bela bdn kat rumah tu. bg perut naik. mcm aku ni...hehehehe..apa leh wat. lpas keja balik lepak je. weeknd pon lepak kat rmh gak.

adie_kun at: December 23, 2008 at 4:50 PM said...


its normal..
go and help your mom cooking. gardening and what so ever.
you wont get bored..