the road towards Aidiladha..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Me n Amy

Zakuan n Ajib..

salam sumer..i hope u guyz sumer are great, happy n healthy..(^_^)

s u guyz know, muslims around d world had celebrated aidiladha on monday, 8th of Dicember..yeah, walaupun preparation toward krismas lbih aidiladha ttap xdilupakan...sbnarnya aidiladha ni bukan utk dismbut meriah mcm aidilfitri, sbb aidiladha ni sbnarnye utk mereka y menunaikan haji di tanah suci kite y ada disini, kita boleh mngenang peristiwa disbalik keistimewaan, stil, ketupat, lemang n rendang berleluasa..hahaha..i myself oso one of the buyers, since pulut is my fave dish..mix up with my granny kuah kacang..fuhh, irresistable..

I blk alo star pd ari sbtu mlm, n arrived safely on sunday 4am in d morning, safely..even tho my bus "terbang" (according 2 d girl who sat beside me) least we're safe..haha

on that mownink oso, my good friend amy, ajk I g maen badminton..even tho I'm so damn tired, due 2 my flu..(yeah, I got flu..hachoo!),but still i went 2 dat was fun, n exhausting, but fun..

later on dat nite, we had a stroll down to alo star town..amy nk cari brg we went there wit my frend ajib, he picked us up..pity him, ajib was all messed up dat nite, girl thing, work..huhu..but we did try 2 cheer him up..amy done a great job i guess..haha..we went 2 Pekan Rabu, which is famous wit its local goods..serunding, dodol, kuih, kek..u name it..all were there..but we did't buy anything there that nite..juz walked thru it..2 taste d feeling of d, i've uploaded some of d photos..

there, we decided 2 try sup daging from a bihun sup was great, i must say..lots of meats..uhuu..n amy did enjoyed it soo much..ajib seems 2, even tho he'd been bother by troubles n probs..

then my fren zakuan col..we headed str8 2 his house n picked him up..n we went to Old Town White Coffee cafe..our fave hang out lair...hahaha..kinda packed wit peoples but we managed 2 get a table,a reserved one..but it's actually not being reseved by someone..they juz put d reserved tag 4 no reason..

ordered my fave french toast 2 go wit xi mut milk tea..n then we had our loud chat..s usual..haha..craked jokes, laughed, made fun of each was a great moment..i juz wish v could do dat every nite..huhu..

thanx again 2 my frens, Amy, Ajib n Zakuan....