The Gala Night..!

Thursday, March 5, 2009
me, with the winners..afiq and pecal

the Second College powerhouse..hahaha

neighbours, Iwan and company,me and pecal, taufiq (tubit)hehehe..

adik kite wat2 bz je malam tuh...usher sambut VVIP la katanyer..

wajah Olahragawan and Seri Perdana sebelum diannounce..(^_^)

salam guyz (^_^)

huhu, lama Zul xupdate story kt blog n xde mood la sejak dua menjak ni..n xde inspirasi nk menulis..sedih tol..

btw, last weekend, my college ade wat event..called Malam Anugerah Seri's an award giving ceremony la..took place at Equatorial Hotel Banquet Hall, and were attended by VVIPs, VIPs and final year student of Second College UPM. it was a great event i must say, except for some fumble here and there, but yet it's still good..

the theme was Gala Night, and as usual, everybody dressed to impress..ya ya including me oso..but actually it was Pecal night. because he receive the Seri Perdana's the highest rank award in our college..huhu..he absolutely didn't realize that his name was announced untill i screamed at him..hahaha..and it was a relieved for me, coz award y Zul pnah dpt ni, jatuh kt tgn kawan Zul jgk...same goes with Olahragawan, dpt kt kwan Zul jugak si Afiq, congratz to both of them..wathing them holding the trophies that once became mine, it kinda remind me of the good old days..(^_^)

hurmm, Zul dh siapkan draft conversion PhD tuh, n dah pass up kt Prof. so, now, tinggal nk approved je..takoot jgk sbnarnye, sbb Prof ni teliti at least 1 keje dh siap..tinggal nk mark thesis report bdk2 ni, and nk betul kn artikel utk journal tuh..mcm byk jgk je keje nye..hahaha..xpe..kne take it one at a time r..

now, juniors dlm blok tgh bz utk preparation Malam Lembayung Senja (MLS)..malam utk student final year..Zul kekadang mencelah jgk la here n there, adik kite jd ajk, tolong2 die sket la..this one venue die kt Bangi Golf and Country Club.and most of Rajaudang's alumni will be attending this, i'm really looking 4ward mlm ahad neyh..nk jmpe geng2 lama..hehehe


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