jejalan, terjalan dan berjalan..but not jalang!

Thursday, January 8, 2009
while waiting for Leyla to put on his lenses..hehe
adik kite n abang kite..(hush hush!)
the team of Laptop Hunter
chaiyok Leyla..!

salam..ello ya doin..?i bet u all are doin great..(^_^)

yesterday I decided to accompany Leyla to get his lens and change his kettle..he bought a kettle last week but it had a yesterday we went to The Mines Shopping Fair to get his lenses..huhu..1st time user huh..kinda funny looking at how he tried so hard to wear the lenses..hehe..sorry Leyl.."Dunia baru huh..".then we had our breakfast at the Old Town White Coffee cafe..had a French Toast and a cup of white coffee..

then we took a train to Mid Valley to get a new kettle..we bought it at Jusco so we when back there la..after that we were informed that some of our friends also on their way to KL..their heading to Low Yatt coz one of them wanna buy a spice up our day I n Leyla ask them to meet us at Kl Sentral..yala, got nothing else to do ma..

at Low Yatt, s usual, homosapiens are everywhere..huhu..but to the surprise my fellow friend was sure with his choice of the shop, second stop n he caled it a day..haha..a bit shocked for me n Leyla but, s usual..'ada aku kesah'.while they went to withdaw the money, we went looking for a new RAM and a new pendrive..i bought a Kingston 8GB pendrive and a bunch of dvd-rw..after the payment were made, we went to the Times Square while some of us went back to the campus..puasa katanya..

we had our lunch at the food court and cruise for awhile before we went back home..huhu..wut a day..really tiring but worth it..(^_^)


rizz at: January 8, 2009 at 5:54 PM said...

wah2 best2 jejalan..;p

edanfist at: January 8, 2009 at 11:36 PM said...

Amacam ur Dagu moyang? dah ok?

*** Who's Leyla? Gurlz or Guyz? Blurrrr arrrr....

Husnibaby:My Emancipation at: January 9, 2009 at 9:53 AM said...

edan>tgok r dlm pic reramai tuh..ade gurlz ke>>?huhu