waffles maniac..and sujud di celah kelangkang..??!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
salam guys..(^_^)

i absolutely have no idea on what had happen to my's likes it works with its own mind..i believe they had invade my mind and cut down my controlling is insane!!!

i dunno how much i eat everyday..but i do aware on how much weight i gain everyday..hukhukhuk..looks like i have to launch my emergency 'red, purple with some violet' guys better watch out, you mean food..!!

and recently our kiosk at our college serves and sells waffles..not sure whether it's the best waffles in UPM or wut, but i certainly luuuurrvvee it..(waffles kaseh sayang katanya...). you guys should try it..can't figure out yet what are their secret ingredients. kaseh and sayang(love and care) perhaps..hahaha..but what make it so special to me is that i can make my own waffle..yup, i enjoy making my own waffle (thanx ada and yana)!!!

yesterday i cought my rummie doing 'thing'..'things' i must say..hahaha..sorry Pecal!caught in action la plak...dh ada usaha nk masuk dlm list 'You Too?',huhu..but i will zip my mouth, waitin' for the correct time to burst it that moment i would make it loud and clear...hahaha..and the funny thing is that he threaten me with a sentence, "ingat aku xtaw die Sujud Celah Kelangkang Ko semalam..!"hahaha...dah macam Ayah Pin kejap..and i must say i can't stop laughing.....!and till now i still dunno what does he ya Pecal!

my chin is getting better i guess..took out the stitches already yesterday..crossing my fingers on the SCARS!!!go away you..don't need you at my chin..huhuhu...paranoid of marks since i already have plenty of them all over y body..hahaha, all over??!